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BMW is known as the "Ultimate Driving Machine" and is beautifully designed. As with any automobile, your BMW does require regular service & maintenance, at which time we can do a thorough "condition and safety check" at no additional charge to you. Please call for an appointment today, 972-647-0314.

  • Check Engine Light:
    We can scan your car and diagnose why that light is on. BMW's commonly have multiple codes hidden under that Check Engine Light. Give our Technician the opportunity to diagnose it correctly. We will share our findings with you via our unique messaging system.

  • Control Arms:
    On your BMW there are multiple sets, especially in the front of your automobile. Wear and movement are not uncommon after 75,000 miles.

  • Drive Belt & Pully System:
    Drive Belt Failure is common w BMW. What most people do not know is that the cause of failure is very often in the pulley system. Driving your BMW with a bad belt or pulley can cause extensive damage to your engine if it fails. Please address this issue as soon as it is noticed.

  • Engine Misfires:
    The causes can be from multiple areas. We can properly diagnose & repair your problem area w a 3yr - 36,000 mile warranty. (We offer this on almost all repairs w new parts.)

  • Oil and Filter Service:
    Require High-Quality German Oil & Factory Filter (every 5,000 miles) in order to help give longer life to your Engine (and or Turbo if you have one).

  • Oil Leaks:
    A common problem w BMW. Most often related to Valve Cover or Engine Oil Seal(s) and Turbo or turbo line.

  • Suspension Airbag System:
    Air Bags, Controllers & other Air Suspension components, do fail and can be properly diagnosed & replaced by our experienced technicians.

  • Timing Issues:
    This can happen after 100,000 miles. Mostly due to the design of the BMW engine, parts wear & need replacement. Very often, a code found under the check engine light will help direct us to check areas of your engine to confirm the code.

  • Transmission Service:
    Due to Texas Severe Weather conditions, this service is highly recommended every 50,000 miles. On some BMW's the service requires a filter w the transmission pan which is a one-part unit. Servicing your transmission more regularly will help extend its life.

  • Turbo:
    It is imperative that Engine Oil & filter are serviced on your BMW regularly (every 5,000 miles), to help prevent Turbo failure. This is not something the dealer advises you of. Turbo lines also leak engine oil, which is a common issue.

  • Valve Cover:
    On BMW's the Valve Cover is a Complex unit. Unfortunately in most cases, it is made of plastic w the PCV system built into it. Often prone to leaking or whistling - the valve cover is often replaced because it has multiple components and they each will fail.

  • Water Leaks:
    Coolant & Heater Hoses, Coolant Reservoir & Hoses Water Pump are all prone to water leak issues on your BMW. Often one is confused for the other. Let us figure out what is actually leaking and save you money

  • Please call for an appointment today, 972-647-0314.


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